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Our events focus exclusively on private equity value creation topics. We are specialists in hosting niche events that allow for greater networking, better Q&A opportunities and highly curated content. It is our policy to host as many of these as free-to-attend events in order to better support and grow the value creation community. We keep our events current and in line with changing market trends. If you have a trending topic in value creation you feel would make for a great one day or round table briefing, please get in touch so we can grow the community together.


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What People Are Saying

It was the who’s who of operating partners in big funds

Thank to the Actum team for putting together an event which contributes to inspiring young (and less young) PE ladies and making us progress towards more DEI

The topics of today’s event seems incredibly timely

Our team had a fantastic evening, and the event as a whole was utterly scintillating! Great chance to network also and meet others in the PE space –a full-bodied spectrum of talent in attendance

It was enlightening and inspiring to hear from and connect with industry leaders who had valuable insights and experiences to share

Upcoming Events

Sustainability in Value Creation

This Actum Group event will kick off the year in a timely fashion, by reviewing the key takeaways from the WEF and COP28. We will explore how a plan centred around sustainability, one that sets out operational actions to deliver on that strategy and puts all the associated reporting frameworks in place , can drive value creation.
We will also navigate the latest trends in generative AI and its potential to offer transformation opportunities to businesses on their sustainability journey.

Recent Events

Revenue & Growth in Value Creation

Delivering sustainable transformation is more prevalent than ever, with pricing proving to be the most effective lever in unlocking profitable revenue growth. This exclusive Actum Group event explored how a margin focused strategy, one that puts pricing at the heart of its value creation plan, can considerably contribute to unlocking growth.

Women in Value Creation

Targeted DEI initiatives are growing in private equity as the industry begins to address how its culture has historically impeded diversity.

Value Creation Awards

The Actum Group Private Equity Value Creation Forum and Awards brought together the private equity community to address risks and discuss opportunities, including the lessons learnt from previous economic cycles as well as the unique characteristics of today’s market.